You Gonna Learn Today — What My First Month of Nomading Was Really Like

So I started my digital nomad journey — and it was not what I thought it would be.

You would think picturesque sunsets, coconuts by your laptop, and adventure-filled weekends chasing waterfalls and waves.

Hate to break it to — that’s all an illusion. Shit don’t come that easy, and this journey so far has taught me that and more.

Within the first two weeks, I got in a scooter accident that didn’t only traumatize me but left me limping for two weeks. I stayed home, had to fork out extra cash to cover the scooter damage and relied heavily on a scooter service to take me around everywhere. At this point, I felt drained.

By the third week, I lost my remote job and my only source of income. To top that off, I’ve been spending six hours a day pitching to companies, following up, and applying to jobs while hustling on my passion projects. At this point, I felt frustrated.

The time week four came around, my mom had informed me that my grandfather had passed away. Stirred with grief, I took whatever savings I had left to fly to Japan to give my grandfather a proper sending. At this point, I felt defeated.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy; I also didn’t know it was going to be this hard. I’ve had more breakdowns in a week than I had all of last year. But if there’s one thing that amazes me, it is how fast my recovery time has become. I let myself feel all the emotions of stress, doubt, and insecurities because those feelings are necessary. Afterwards, I release them because if you don’t then those feelings become toxic.

I then get back on my computer because at the end of the day, “I wanted this.”

I finally decided to rent another scooter and have been taking baby steps on the road by avoiding traffic. I charged my co-working membership on my credit card because I knew that there were huge benefits in surrounding myself with like-minded people.

This shit is hard. So damn hard, but there’s an importance in showing up every day. There are layers we need to peel and sometimes are forced to peel; with every layer, you learn how much more you can handle, and it’s always a little more than the bar you had originally set for yourself.

I sometimes think the universe looks at me and goes, “You gonna learn today, girl.”

Maybe the universe is right. But as long as I show up to each lesson, I know I’ll get to where I want to be and nothing short of that.

Originally published at on June 19, 2018.

Human who likes to write about human things: mindfulness, connections, and five-line stories.

Human who likes to write about human things: mindfulness, connections, and five-line stories.